In a noisy and global world, it is very easy to lose track of the time it takes to be good to ourselves. In the world of These Wild Humans, we teach you how to return to these basics, make what is old new, and adopt them for time-efficient and deeply nourishing practices to support yourself, and your loved ones. 

The Wild Home is the third step on our tailored leadership journeys, and in our Becoming a Wild Human-Self-Guided Work for Women

With the Wild Humans work, we ask you to take a closer look at how you are utilizing your home as a place of rest, recovery, development and creation. Senior leaders are severely lacking in the area of reflective leadership at work, and this same pattern trickles home.

Think about it. 

You leave a long work day at the office (or maybe home and your office are one). 

  • How do you separate what you just finished at work and what is coming for tomorrow from your need to relax, restore, eat well, sleep, and enjoy your loved ones? 
  • How often do you think about your home as a safe haven, a nest, a retreat, and a place of growth and nourishment? Or are you thinking of it as a place to entertain, sleep, eat, rinse and repeat? 

We are in love with the idea of a restful home but most of us are not practicing the steps that would help make this an active reality. 

Here is a little taste of what that looks like, and a free micro-deepening process including self-led inquiry, some ideas for first steps, and some proprietary recipes.



  1. Is your home a safe haven, away from the world? In what way?
  2. What are your rituals/routines? Do you practice concepts like hygge to make your space more inviting and restful?
  3. What is your relationship to nourishment?


  • How to create a ritual with natural light
    • Develop a very simple practice using a candle
    • Find a clean burning candle (here is a link to some we love)
    • Choose a time of day like early morning or late evening
    • Choose a warm beverage you love or something you love to taste
    • Light the candle at the same time each day and consume the tea or chocolate or whatever you chose
    • Spend the time savoring the time and clearing your mind of all other needs. A 15 minute practice is recommended.
  • Full circle eating
    • Grow a simple box of kitchen herbs. Basil and sage are very forgiving.
    • Utilize these herbs and any other foods you can grow in as many of your meals as possible.
    • If you don’t have the space or time to do the growing, purchase from a local grower/farmer, a neighbor or friend, or a small business who uses a “farm to table approach”
    • Experiment with eating only whole foods or foods from scratch, with no seed oils, no manufactured ingredients for around a week. Record notes on how you feel and what has changed.
    • Compost your food scraps if you don’t already.
  • Create for the sake of creating (not the outcome)
    • Doodle, write, journal, draw, sing
    • String together words
    • Make a pattern with playing cards
    • Create a beautiful shape with items you find on a nature walk (pine cones, leaves, stones, dark rich dirt, shells, etc.)
    • Go to an art store and buy some basics. Ask for instruction on the simplest version of use, or just experiment.


For Wild Home, I’d like you to consider a few things. First of all, your home is not a competition space, and it doesn’t matter what people around you are doing. Your home is the seat of your sovereignty and the foundation of your safety.

Homes should be cozy, naturally lit, smell good due to fresh homemade food and clean spaces, and they should be the ultimate retreat. Homes are also the place where we keep ourselves well and heal when we are sick. If our homes are well maintained with relationship to these things, illness should gradually get more occasional.

Disclaimer: Our founder is a natural healthcare expert, an herbalist and a student of indigenous tradition. Her sources of medicine are plants and food. Any statements, work methods, recipes and products are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration because they are made of plants and foods, not of drugs. To that end, officially our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you are concerned about an ingredient and your skin, please seek the counsel of your favorite medical or naturopathic provider.


This recipe is not mine; it is taken from the medicinal practices of Ayurveda. That said, there are a few “pro tips” which help this mixture integrate better, last well, and enhance its medicinal properties.

This recipe in its basic form is the world’s strongest antibiotic and antiviral and in the case of typical cold/flu can often be the first form of prevention and reduce time of illness. In the world of Eastern Medicine, your goal is to maintain your health, not heal from sickness, so in our family we eat this by the spoonful routinely.  You can also add it to warm milk or plant milk for a Golden Milk which is a delicious treat.

The heating spices give you a “boost” without caffeine.

You will need:

  • 6-8 oz of raw honey, and local honey is best
  • A metal saucepan
  • ½ oz of solid coconut oil
  • 2 or so oz of powdered turmeric
  • ¼ oz or so of cinnamon
  • ¼ oz of allspice (optional)
  • ¼ oz of dried clove (optional)
  • A generous pinch of black pepper or cayenne (optional)
  • As a shortcut you can often use a pumpkin pie spice mix
  • A glass jar with a lid

Warm your honey and oil in the metal pan. When liquid, whisk in your turmeric and cinnamon and any other spices.

Pour into your jar, let cool and keep in a cool, dark place. Eat in the morning for energy and to pep up your mood and metabolism. Safe for all humans over age 1. I started giving to my kids in yogurt around age 2 and they eat it every day during winter/cold and flu season. Is sometimes really helpful for seasonal allergies as well, and eases the pain of inflammation that comes with autoimmune disease and/or arthritis.


When I am sharing recommendations for my favorite goods, products, teas, books, etc. the easiest common ground globally is on Amazon.com. This is also an easy place for me to make curated lists re: the three areas of Becoming a Wild Human.

I update these lists all of the time based on new goods I find and test with my family or share with my loved ones.

Many of the businesses I am highlighting are small or medium-sized businesses that happen to sell their goods on Amazon.

Some of these things may not be accessible in some countries, and you may want to check your country’s domain-specific Amazon URL as well.

Here is my list of favorite things for WILD HOME.



I am always working to add to and update my “shop small” recommendations.

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We understand that the world is changing, and part of conscious human capital development and human resources inside today’s modern companies is understanding and caring for the whole person, while creating systems to holistically support the organization and its health and growth financially.

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