The Becoming a Wild Human Sacred Portal is a holistic self-led place where personal growth meets spiritual exploration within a supportive network of like-souled women.


Becoming a Wild Human Sacred Portal is a call to community, connection, the collective, real conversations, reclamations, and embodiment practice and somatic experiencing.

No homework, no videos, no checklists, no expectations.

No one else to take care of.  Just YOU.

Relief, forgiveness, and celebration.

Reclamation of your peace, your choice, and your sacred energy.


  • Learn to prioritize yourself
  • Embody the practice of wild self-love
  • Create clear, sustainable relationship boundaries
  • Use ancient practices to heal your nervous system
  • Create a safe and stable home space where you can rest and reconnect
  • Discover your purpose and define your vision for all that you do, every day

This wildly simplistic and intimate breath of fresh air had me feeling safe to deepen my curiosity within my raw humanness as I journeyed through the content. What a gift this was to feel so loved and nurtured by a connection to the power of the wisdom of my wild self.

A MUST-have experience for any overwhelmed and struggling working woman or mother who is also an Executive, Founder, or Community Leader. I only wish I had it sooner.



A huge congratulations to Courtney for curating an incredible experience with Becoming a Wild Human. It is – AN ENERGY TO BE EXPERIENCED! I felt… HELD, SEEN, SUPPORTED, NOURISHED, HONORED! The process was a simple devouring & felt ease as it landed in my system. The pace is absolutely perfect with what is needing to land. I myself learn through all forms…I need practice, reading and listening to really anchor into my system. These Wild Humans covered the range for me.

The way Courtney has with words feels like an enormous hug to my entire nervous system & I find myself wanting more of your energy in my experience. The Wild Humans movement is honestly one that is felt with so much love, with Courtney’s essence divinely wrapped through it… You feel your soul in it. I am honestly in awe of what she has created and it’s been a pleasure diving into this!!!

There is so much safety in Becoming a Wild Human. I can’t recommend it enough.



The Becoming a Wild Human Sacred Portal is a wonderfully clear, supportive, and engaging program for the woman who is ready to turn her attention to self-reflection and nurturing. Courtney will soothe you and draw you in with its warmth and knowledge; this is not a program read by an actor or disengaged author, but by someone who has put her heart and soul into this work and who deeply cares about sharing it with others.

I’m so grateful to have put myself into her capable hands, and to take the time to deeply understand my purpose and my work.



Wow!!!! I just finished the Becoming a Wild Human journey and my first instinct is to go back and start all over again!!

I have done many courses/workshops in the last couple of years and this doesn’t resemble anything I have ever done. It’s not a course, it’s a portal, and it truly feels like this. I feel that there are so many layers to this journey, and I know it’s going to be a deep ongoing inner discovery.

The audios make it so easy and manageable to go through the journey at your own pace. Each seed is packed with so much wisdom. Not a word is wasted! It will definitely take time for me to unpack what I’ve gone through.

I’ve also been been very curious to learn more about the ancient enneagram for sometime now so this was a very important and illuminating unraveling for me! I’m absolutely fascinated.

It’s the most beautiful journey one can ever do, and I feel so grateful for having the magnificent guidance from Courtney and the Becoming a Wild Human program.




Through our three pillars – Wild Self, Wild Relationship, and Wild Home – you will actively connect with, integrate, and reclaim your identity.

Built on a foundation of the 2,800-year-old ancient enneagram, and using the power of voice, Becoming a Wild Human takes you on a journey through listening, connecting, discovering, embodiment, reclamation, sacred sacral connection, and somatic experiencing.


In the Welcome, you will learn about how the Becoming a Wild Human Sacred Portal came to be, and how the portal works, and you’ll be offered foundations of the ancient enneagram and other basics that will help guide the rest of your journey.

  • Welcome + The Call to Become a Wild Human
    • Welcome Audio
    • 3 Core Audios
    • Introduction to the Enneagram
    • Full Transcript

In the Wild Self, you’ll learn to reclaim your worthiness, understand and navigate your true nature, and you’ll be pointed toward a deep and renewed connection with yourself, you’ll receive a deepening clarity about the ancient enneagram and the Wild Self, and you will be reminded that healthy and stable connection with self is what creates balance, protection, and happiness in all other areas of your life.

  • Wild Self
    • Welcome Audio
    • 9 Core Audios
    • Reclamation Practice Audio
    • Embodiment Practice Audio
    • Sacred Sacral Questions Audio

In Wild Relationship, you’ll reclaim your choice, remembering that your first relationship is with yourself. You’ll go further, understanding how you in your nature connect with others, draw away from others, and reference things like time, emotion, pace, and personal awareness, seeing your time as currency and all of your relationships as choices, not obligations.

  • Wild Relationship
    • Welcome Audio
    • 9 Core Audios
    • Reclamation Practice Audio
    • Embodiment Practice Audio
    • Sacred Sacral Questions Audio

In Wild Home you’ll reclaim your sanctuary, seeing your home as a nest, a womb, a sacred physical space, and spiritual retreat made up of textures, sound, tastes, scent, and sensation. You will begin to understand what you need to add to or take away from your Wild Home to make it your own personal reprieve and a place to rest and reset before re-joining the world.

  • Wild Home
    • Welcome Audio
    • 9 Core Audios
    • Reclamation Practice Audio
    • Embodiment Practice Audio
    • Sacred Sacral Questions Audio

In Integration, you will be offered gentle practices to weave together the tapestry of Wild Self, Wild Relationship, and Wild Home, creating your own gentle blanket of protection, filling you with a tangible sense of purpose, vision, and clarity as you go back out into the world.

  • Integration
    • Welcome Audio
    • 4 Core Audios
    • Embodiment Practice Audio

The Deepening Practice Library offers you learning in additional formats, including an e-book for each of the three pillars (Wild Self, Wild Relationship, and Wild Home), bonus e-books for Pre-Work Practices and Wild Work, customized playlists for Wild Self, Wild Relationship, and Wild Home, and Favorite Things lists + recipes for Wild Self, Wild Relationship, and Wild Home so that you can bring what you have learned into your experience in a tangible, daily way.

  • Deepening Practices Library
    • E-Book – Introduction
    • E-Book – Pre-Work Practices
    • E-Book – Wild Self
    • E-Book – Wild Relationship
    • E-Book – Wild Home
    • E-Book – Wild Work
    • E-Book – Integration + Closing
    • Favorite Things List + Links
    • Customized playlists for Wild Self, Wild Relationship, and Wild Home
    • Useful Practices + AI Prompts for Wild Humans deepening
    • Calendar of monthly Energy Restoration Zoom Calls

Each month, join us for an Energy Restoration practice, deepening on the Becoming a Wild Human concepts, and community conversations lead by Courtney Feider via Zoom. 

  • Monthly BWH Activation/Q&A Zoom Calls
    • Activation and Energy Restoration practices
    • Deepening on the principles of Becoming a Wild Human and the ancient enneagram
    • Your questions answered
    • Presentation + connection to a lost ancient skill or recipe


  • You feel things deeply, desire emotional self-reliance, and want to start to grow.
  • You are worried about the future and want more control over what happens next.
  • You want to get into nature, to know how nature benefits mental health, to grow your own food, and make food from scratch.
  • You feel isolated and disconnected from others and crave connection.
  • You want to learn (and teach) ancestral living and create your own sense of ritual + tradition.
  • You have done (some of the) inner work but you’re not sure how to make it tangible.
  • You feel overwhelmed and uncertain about how to prioritize and find your core purpose.
  • You want a relatable teacher who knows how you feel to be there for you and offer the ways to this change in small, accessible pieces.


  • Feel self-sufficient and as if you can rely on yourself
  • Have some control over what happens in the future
  • Alleviate fear and anxiety and create a sense of empowerment
  • Help you feel protected from harm
  • Improve your existing relationships and your ability to form healthy new ones
  • Allow you to find connection + community
  • Support you with work-life harmony
  • Increase emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Multiply your ability to feel that you matter at work
  • Magnify your opportunities for growth
  • And much MUCH more.