These Wild Humans envisions a world where every woman is empowered to reclaim her wisdom, rejuvenate, and thrive. 

We exist to inspire women to come home to their inherent wisdom so they can unlock their wild potential and reclaim sacred energy across their life. These Wild Humans is a sacred portal to self-transformation and life empowerment through reconnection with yourself and like-souled exceptional women.

This is an accessible sacred space for women to open up to creating their full empowered potential for themselves.

WE ARE Spiritually Grounded:

Our voice carries the wisdom of the ancients and the depth of the earth. We use language that connects women back to their true power, their roots, and invokes feelings of belonging and homecoming.

WE ARE Wildly Encouraging:

We speak with the gusto of a cheering crowd, the gentleness of a knowing smile, inspiring bold leaps and tender steps alike. Our words are a rallying cry for women to reclaim their true selves and step into their integrity wholeheartedly.

WE ARE Embodied Warmth:

Our tone evokes the comfort of heart-to-heart conversations with a trusted friend, a sister. We are warm and compassionate, with the lightness of shared laughter and mutual support.

WE ARE Boldly Honest:

We practice radical transparency and honesty, like clear, mountain-fresh water. We communicate clearly and directly, yet respectfully, fostering an environment of trust and integrity.

WE ARE Enchantedly Inspiring:

Our voice is an ancient incarnation that sparks inspiration, infusing everyday narratives with a touch of the extraordinary, like sunlight filtering through a leafy canopy. We encourage women to evolve.

WE ARE Infinitely Vibrant:

Our language is a colorful tapestry woven from threads of diverse experiences and perspectives. It’s welcoming, celebratory, and wholeheartedly inclusive, inviting all women to join the dance (whatever their belief system(s) may be).


We are binding our nature and personal evolution into one intertwined approach for wellbeing, as it always was.

This journey of expansion and personal growth will offer you:

  • New clarity on spiritual leadership
  • Rapid connection to new dimensions of self
  • Fast-track to a new place
  • Self-directed experience, specific to you
  • Crystal clarity on your life, agency, and sovereignty
  • Blueprint for creation of a new life (without burning down your current one)
  • Reclamation of your power in all areas
  • Access to wisdom which as always there, just forgotten
  • A mycelium network of compassion, safe place and home
  • Relationship with other leaders, achievers, multi-passionates, and extraordinary women who are honored to share space with you
  • Hard wired divine femininity
  • Enveloping and nurturing community
  • Leadership from a nurturing guide not a controlling authority

Restore your sacred energy, rejuvenate your life. Unlock your wild potential.