Jeremiah is the maestro of turning big ideas into reality at breakneck speed. Armed with a PMP certification and a people-first philosophy, he’s not your typical project manager – he’s a team transformer who can turn a group of individuals into a high-performing, passion-driven unit almost overnight.

Jeremiah’s impressive track record spans from launching rockets with NASA to streamlining operations for the UN, proving his ability to elevate productivity and ignite passion in teams across diverse industries and challenges. What sets him apart is his laser focus on the human side of getting things done.

While others are buried in Gantt charts, Jeremiah is busy unlocking the potential in every team member, creating a synergy that propels projects forward at unprecedented speeds.

His infectious energy and innovative approach to project management not only ensure timely delivery but also foster a culture of enthusiasm and continuous improvement. With Jeremiah at the helm, expect to see tangible results and a revitalized team dynamic within the first 48 hours, making him an invaluable asset for organizations ready to leap forward in today’s fast-paced business environment.

He is driven to unlock the greatest asset of every business; their people. Jeremiah propels teams towards purpose, high performance, and unparalleled achievement.

Jeremiah has worked extensively with professionals in the government, space, hospitality, finance and tech industries. He has worked with executives and teams from Microsoft, JP Morgan, NASA, Exxon, Marriott and Westinghouse, along with agencies and governing functions like the UN, NAVAC, USACE, KEIWIT, BPMI, BNSF and PMI.


  • Organizational Strategy
  • Operations
  • Behavioral Project Management
  • Facilitation and Course Creation
  • Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Mission, Purpose, Vision and Values
  • Communication Intelligence

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Published Author:

Author of: “The Project Management Pathway”

Co-Author of:  “Executing Excellence”


  • Project Management Institute Certified, PMP
  • Leadership Skills for the Future
  • Leading and Working with Teams
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • ACE Mentor
  • PN 1 Nutrition Coach