These Wild Humans is a platform that empowers women to come home to themselves, across all areas of their lives. Through self-guided work and one-on-one coaching support, women can get reacquainted with their power, without apology.

You have forgotten yourself. 

Find your way home. 

These Wild Humans is a platform that empowers exceptional women to come home to themselves, across all areas of their lives.

Through online portals, one-on-one coaching support, community experiences, and sacred retreats, women can get reacquainted with their power, without apology, bringing old wisdoms back into their modern daily lives.

These Wild Humans welcomes women into an interconnected mycelium network of supportive, evolving like-souled sisters, built on integrity.


You are already extraordinary (and you need support).

The These Wild Humans movement was born of a clear need for exceptional and accomplished women leaders to have a place and a way to move out of exhaustion and to become refreshed, rejuvenated and return to the work of supporting those around them with  fresh eyes and open hearts, while also possessing a new way to take care of themselves and to operate in the practice of self-care in order to be healthy and available to their work in service.


You want to feel safe inside a portal, not take another course.

Not a course. A somatic portal. A time machine. A nurturing womb.

A healing and safe space to gently take in new information while unearthing your own wisdom – where personal growth meets spiritual exploration within a supportive mycelium network of like-souled women.

All of the work within These Wild Humans goes against everything you have experienced with courses, online coaches, and funnels.

We quiet the noise, return to the analog, and take you on a somatic experience-based journey to embody and reclaim the person you truly are.

Courtney’s unique personal coaching style is naturally brought to life in These Wild Humans. These Wild Humans is wonderfully simple and deeply impactful at the same time. It guides the participant with care, providing support, exploration, insight and proven techniques for harnessing our own power, and applying our best self to our relationships and our environment. I HIGHLY recommend These Wild Humans, whether it’s the very first step on your personal journey or one of the many building blocks.



This wildly simplistic and intimate breath of fresh air had me feeling safe to deepen my curiosity within my raw humanness as I journeyed through the content. What a gift this was to feel so loved and nurtured by a connection to the power of the wisdom of my wild self.

A MUST-have experience for any overwhelmed and struggling working woman, founder, or mother. I only wish I had it sooner.



You’ll uncover a wealth of knowledge imparted from decades of Courtney’s learning, carefully curated from the most fascinating sources including ancient wisdom, enneagram insights and soulful reclamation practices.There has never been a more important time for women, everywhere in the world to tap into these resources and reclaim their power. When you understand who you truly are, you can create a life that you truly love.

Trust me, give yourself the gift of These Wild Humans, I promise you, your future beautiful authentic self will thank you.



You want to embark on a sacred voyage to a life of your deepest desires.

This is not another coaching curriculum. It is an infinite expansion of yourself. Blending ancient wisdom and modern neuroscience holistically, from shamanism to plant wisdom to behavioral development.

Guiding you to an infinite expansion of self in spiritual leadership without destroying the life you already have.

Leading you in the discovery that you already have what you need inside of you and helping you to reintegrate it with your divine feminine.


In the world of These Wild Humans:

  • Abundance replaces scarcity
  • Community replaces competition
  • Voice replaces video
  • Deepening is your pace and your choice


You know that the answers you need are already within you, and you need a guide.

The hardest part of starting this work lies in trusting yourself. These Wild Humans offers you a place to be seen or be private, and a place to work at your own pace, discovering peace, finding breakthroughs, uncovering deep wild wisdom that has been hiding in the noise.


This work offers structure to help you:

  • Build an empowered practice of self-awareness and self-love.
  • Form and nurture deeper, more connected relationships.
  • Design a safe, comfortable, and nourishing home.
  • Transform into the person you know yourself to be but have lost track of.


You will be able to:

  • Regain a sense of safety and control.
  • Translate new learning into sustainable, lasting behavioral change.
  • Become a valuable resource for the people you care about.
  • Enhance and maintain your self-worth.
  • Expand your capacity for successful emotional relationships.

Become the person you were always meant to be.

A huge congratulations to Courtney for curating an incredible experience with These Wild Humans. It is – AN ENERGY TO BE EXPERIENCED! I felt… HELD, SEEN, SUPPORTED, NOURISHED, HONORED! The process was a simple devouring & felt ease as it landed in my system. The pace is absolutely perfect with what is needing to land. I myself learn through all forms…I need practice, reading and listening to really anchor into my system. These Wild Humans covered the range for me.

The way Courtney has with words feels like an enormous hug to my entire nervous system & I find myself wanting more of your energy in my experience. The Wild Humans movement is honestly one that is felt with so much love, with Courtney’s essence divinely wrapped through it… You feel your soul in it. I am honestly in awe of what she has created and it’s been a pleasure diving into this!!!

There is so much safety in These Wild Humans. I can’t recommend it enough.



Wild Humans presents an approach that takes us back to our very core human nature. Courtney has seen and distilled the essence of us all. Wild Humans has provoked me, challenged me, inspired me, and given me practical applications and integrations to take back into my every day. This is something all women in their lives to realize their essential priorities and appraise their fears and motivations.

Challenging and enlightening – this is essential work.



In this rushed world that is feeling the collective sigh of needing to slow down, These Wild Humans is more than timely in helping to guide you back home. Home to self.

Many of us have forgotten our innate wisdom and knowledge – always seeking what we believe resides outside of us. Through Courtney’s bite sized insights and prompts These Wild Humans makes integration in this busy world easily accessible.