This is your time.

Come home to yourself. 

This work will make you feel informed, seen, heard, and in control of your future.

Are you a woman who has spent her life supporting others but forgotten the art of self-care?

Are you seeking embodiment, encouragement, and somatic experiencing to guide you on a transformative journey?

It is time to discover the profound power of true self-awareness.

In today’s chaotic world, you may find yourself questioning if things will ever feel less overwhelming. Waiting for external circumstances to calm down no longer suffices—it’s time for a change.

Amidst the complexity, the remedy lies in embracing your wildness. 

In the midst of the noise, what you need are the essential and basic elements of life: love, home, spirituality, and work. It’s about connecting ancient practices with the realities of modern life.

If you’re yearning to feel safe, magnified, capable, and powerful, we are here to support you. Everything you need already resides within you.

Our role is to remind you, teach you, provide structure and process, and help you:

  • Build an empowered practice of self-awareness and self-love.
  • Form and nurture deeper, more connected relationships.
  • Design a safe, comfortable, and nourishing home.
  • Transform your passion and intelligence into your life’s work.

The answers are within you.  All you need is a guide.

To assist you on this journey, we have created self-guided journeys, 1:1 immersive experiences, and wisdom circles.

These will help you:

  • Regain a sense of safety and control.
  • Translate new learning into sustainable, lasting behavioral change.
  • Become a valuable resource for the people you care about.
  • Enhance and maintain your self-worth.
  • Expand your capacity for successful emotional relationships.

Through visual voice-based lessons partnered with practical applications, our work is to dissolve your sense of isolation and nurture your emotional self-reliance. As you progress, you will rediscover your true self—spiritually, physically, mentally, and in connection with the natural world.

We exist to help women like you unlock the transformational power of true self-awareness, love, home, spirituality, and work.

Becoming a Wild Human means embracing your unique, authentic self and living a life imbued with purpose, passion, and happiness.

To start your journey, consider these steps:

  • Embrace self-discovery: Take the time to reflect on your values, beliefs, and desires. Discover what truly drives you.
  • Connect with nature: Immerse yourself in the natural world to rediscover your inner wildness and unlock your true potential.
  • Pursue your passions: Embrace your passions wholeheartedly and pursue them with a sense of purpose. Let them bring fulfillment and joy to your life.
  • Cultivate relationships: Build strong and supportive relationships that inspire you, uplift you, and foster personal growth.
  • Live in the moment: Embrace each moment and live fully in the present, letting go of worries and distractions. Treasure the richness of the present moment.

Unleash your wild potential and become the person you were always meant to be.

Join us today and receive our FREE Guide to Self-Discovery + Self-Awareness, which includes a 7-day practice to help you unlock your wild potential.

Welcome to this empowering path of self-discovery and growth.

This work is for you if:

  • You feel things deeply.
  • You desire emotional self-reliance.
  • You want to start to grow.
  • You are worried about the future.

    This work can help you to:

    • Feel self-sufficient.
    • Have some control over what happens next.
    • Alleviate fear and anxiety.
    • Increase emotional intelligence and empathy.

    Here’s what is included in the Becoming a Wild Human Self-Guided Course, opening late Spring 2023.

    Self-Paced Learning

    We want you to go at your own best pace. Do the whole course in 48 hours or take your time and accomplish it slowly over 6 months. The choice is entirely up to you.

    When you purchase the Becoming a Wild Human Self-Guided Course it is yours for good, and you can return to it anytime for refreshment or to re-take a lesson.

    Items in the course like PDF Workbooks, Meditation Audios and Transcripts can be downloaded for your ease and convenience.

    Weekly Lives +”Ask Me Anything” on Social Media

    Each week, Courtney and various wise friends go live on several social platforms to discuss a theme or topic connected to the Wild Humans community and curriculum.  Each week there is a lesson, followed by sharing and questions from the audience and a brief meditation. Watch for updates to our stories on Instagram to see when and where she is hosting.  Join a rich, involved, supportive conversation each week.

    Beautiful and Functional Digital Workbooks + Guides

    Each section comes with a beautiful digital guide which you can download and access on your computer, or on your mobile device or tablet. These workbooks are a steady reminder of your process and progress, helping you with prompts for notetaking, which you bring full circle at the end during the Integration + Closing process.

    Audio Meditations + Transcripts

    For each section, you’ll find an accompanying meditation built on the principles of Becoming a Wild Human  and connected to Celtic Mythology and Shamanism. Each meditation offers you a quiet reflection on a concept and draws a connection to nature, bringing you from start to finish in a few brief minutes.  Each meditation also has an accompanying transcript to assist you in your practice.

    Meditation audios are downloadable (as are the transcripts) and become yours for life when you purchase the Becoming a Wild Human course.

    Rich (and Growing) Bonus Library

    We have amassed a lot of learning tools, workbooks, and information over time and we have built a rich Bonus Library for you containing many of these. The Bonus Library grows all of the time and access to it is yours for good when you purchase the Becoming a Wild Human Self-Guided Course.