In the world of These Wild Humans as we deepen from Wild Self, we help our clients take a closer look at their relationships.

All of them.

At this point in human evolution, our experience is global, transparent, and very noisy. We are easily and often influenced by  perspectives from influencers, media, or politicians. Collectively, we spend far too much time on social media and far too little time with people.

The Wild Relationship exploration is the second step on our tailored leadership journeys, and in our Becoming a Wild Human-Self-Guided Work for Women

With the Wild Humans work, we ask you to take a look at your relationships. Who do you spend most of your time with? Though your colleagues and your contacts on social media may not be the most special people in your life, they may be absorbing most of your time. You may have developed a feeling that relationships are obligatory, instead of feeling the power of being an individual and catering the people in your world to the growth-focused person you are becoming. 

In this free micro-deepening process we have connected you with some personal querying and some tools and resources we use in our work and recommend.



  1. Begin by examining all of your relationships – who do you spend your precious time with?
  2. Are you in relationship out of obligation or choice?
  3. Are you experiencing consistent reciprocity and growth in your relationships



  • To take a deeper and closer look in your partnership, we recommend IEQ9 Enneagram for Couples. If you would like to utilize this assessment and the gentle coaching around it, please reach out.
  • To get closer to nature while better understanding your own mindset and your connection to someone you care about, we recommend “Walk + Talks” or The 1997 Method.
    • The idea here is to have an important catch-up or conversation while moving. You can do this in person with someone who lives near you and make it a regular reason to get together. Or you can do this via WhatsApp or another calling service and connect with friends all over the world. The combination of voice-to-voice contact and movement stimulates deeper connection, memory-making, and creativity.
  • Examine your relationship with vulnerability and fear. Most people remain in “obligation” in relationship because they are afraid of breaking history or going against the norms of a family or a social group, or against the wishes of a loved one, partner, or even a colleague.
    • If you are struggling in partnership or love-based relationships (family, friends), we recommend the work of Nicole LaPera and her new book How to Be the Love You Seek.
    • For a business-focused look at the concept of fear, and the idea that we all live with it and have it in some form, check out UnFear , a book we think is pivotal to helping break stereotypes and heal leaders and teams.


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I update these lists all of the time based on new goods I find and test with my family or share with my loved ones.

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Here is my list of favorite things for Wild Relationship.



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We understand that the world is changing, and part of conscious human capital development and human resources inside today’s modern companies is understanding and caring for the whole person, while creating systems to holistically support the organization and its health and growth financially.

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