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Tide of Transformation

A calm, secluded beach extends before you. The incoming tide washes away the footprints in the sand, reflecting life’s tendency toward evolution and order.

But there is also an opposing force, like an undertow, striving to pull the waves back to the chaos of the sea. Just as you can evolve from fragmented to whole, the waves persistently move from disorder to order.

Guided Exercise – Guiding Starlight

Find a quiet place and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and relax.

o   Imagine yourself in a vast, open field under a starlit sky. Each star represents a point of inner guidance within you.

o   As you focus on your breath, visualize one of these inner stars growing brighter. Feel it guiding you, like the North Star guiding travelers. Trust it to lead you on your path.

o   Take a few moments to connect with this guiding star within. Feel its energy and wisdom. Acknowledge that you possess this inner compass.

o   When you’re ready, open your eyes, knowing that you can follow your inner guidance in life’s journey.

o   These guided somatic and embodiment exercises combine visualization and breathwork to connect you with the Enneagram concepts while grounding you in your body and the present moment. These exercises help integrate the principles with your physical experience.