You Might be an Enneagram Type 3


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You might be recognizing your inner Type Three Wild Human spirit if you:

  • Naturally adjust your demeanor upon entering a room, effortlessly showcasing the facets of yourself that’ll shine in that setting.
  • Hold an incredible gift for forging connections, easily finding common ground with almost anyone. Your adaptability fosters these bonds.
  • Attach a strong sense of identity to your work; what you do and produce in the world holds great significance. Learning about others’ work is a fascination of yours.
  • Even when you’re already excelling, it seems like you’re not doing enough, driving you to persistently reach for achievement. Productivity and efficiency become driving forces, sometimes to an almost robot-like extent.
  • Impatience can arise when something or someone appears to obstruct your path to a goal.
  • Emotions are often set aside, particularly in professional spheres, though you carry more emotional depth than others might perceive. Confidence is your public facade, even when you’re not feeling that composed inside.
  • Positivity, energy, and an inherent motivation to accomplish tasks are your hallmark traits.
  • When working within a team, you naturally ignite and motivate others to collaborate. Recognizing untapped potential in your peers fuels your desire to help them unleash it.
  • Your love for constant busyness and productivity often conceals a deep-seated fear of what may happen if you dare to slow down or pause.

Here is a brief somatic practice for Type 3 – The Competitive Achiever:

Step 1: Find a quiet space to sit or stand. Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Allow yourself to let go of any need to perform or achieve in this moment.

Step 2: Place your hands on your heart and chest. Feel the connection to your inner self. Acknowledge that you are enough just as you are. Breathe deeply and relax into this truth.

Step 3: Practice self-acceptance and authenticity. Inhale deeply and affirm, “I am valuable for who I am, not just for what I do.” Exhale slowly and release any pressure to perform. Repeat this mantra, focusing on self-acceptance and inner worth.