Understand your personal leadership style so you can readily leverage your strengths, clarify your motivations, manage your reactive tendencies, and develop your opportunity areas.


We utilize validated assessments rooted in adult development frameworks that help you feel seen, heard, and understood.  We explore your motivations, energy sources and drains, and ways you operate when at your best and when under stress, providing a blueprint for how you can authentically, sustainably lead and grow.

Through an in-depth assessment and guided session to unpack, we explore your leadership style from multiple angles—action, feeling, thinking, motivation, instinct, and conflict management—to deliver a comprehensive understanding of your unique leadership dynamics.

Our approach is engineered for rapid development, utilizing proven, data-driven methodologies to pinpoint and enhance your leadership capacities.


Dive into the depths of your personality with the IEQ9 Enneagram Assessment. This powerful tool uncovers the motivations, fears, and desires that drive your leadership style. Through understanding your Enneagram type, you gain unparalleled insights into your core behaviors, enhancing self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Shifts Expected:

  • Deep Self-Understanding: Explore the nine personality types to discover your primary Enneagram type, wings, and subtypes, revealing the intricate layers of your leadership persona.
  • Personalized Coaching Sessions: Benefit from three tailored coaching sessions that interpret your IEQ9 results, focusing on actionable strategies for personal and professional growth.
  • Accelerated Personal Growth: Leverage your newfound self-awareness to fast-track your development, improve interpersonal relationships, and lead with greater empathy and effectiveness.


Transform your leadership capabilities with the Leadership Circle Profile Assessment. This comprehensive tool maps your leadership competencies and behaviors, offering a 360-degree view of your effectiveness. The LCP highlights the balance between creative competencies and reactive tendencies, guiding you toward holistic leadership excellence.

Shifts Expected:

  • Comprehensive Leadership Mapping: Understand the full spectrum of your leadership impact, from strengths to areas requiring attention, through a detailed feedback report.
  • Targeted Coaching for Transformation: Engage in three in-depth coaching sessions to delve into your LCP results, crafting a personalized action plan for leadership development.
  • Strategic Leadership Enhancement: Use your LCP insights to refine your leadership approach, foster stronger team dynamics, and drive organizational success with clarity and confidence.



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