You Might be an Enneagram Type 4


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You might be in tune with your inner Type Four Wild Human if you:

  • Navigate the world through the kaleidoscope of emotions, experiencing them on a profound level, and distinguishing their nuances with exceptional precision.
  • Cherish authenticity as your guiding star. Your quest perpetually seeks the truest, most aligned, and deeply resonant facets of your inner self.
  • Occasionally, you sense that others have a simpler journey in life, leaving you with a feeling of missing some innate understanding that comes effortlessly to them.
  • Find yourself in the comparative realm, measuring your depth of thought and emotion against others. While recognizing your profound authenticity in certain aspects, you may simultaneously wrestle with feelings of inadequacy in other dimensions.
  • Self-expression is your instinctive mode, meticulously crafting your identity for sharing with the world, whether through words, art, attire, or the work you create.
  • Embrace your uniqueness as you’ve always felt distinct from those around you. Sometimes, this uniqueness is a source of joy, while other times, it might make you feel a bit isolated.
  • Confront substantial emotions without hesitation, even if you don’t always openly express them. You place great importance on comprehending and processing these emotions in your unique way.
  • Prioritize truth-telling and voicing unconventional ideas. The significance of addressing uncomfortable truths weighs heavily on your heart.
  • Embrace a thought process that deviates from expectations. Your mind generates diverse and imaginative concepts, ensuring you see the world through a distinctive lens.
  • Infuse purpose and meaning into everything you undertake. Conforming to convention, particularly when it lacks genuine significance, isn’t your preferred path.

Here is a breif somatic practice for Type 4 – The Intense Creative:

Step 1: Sit in a quiet, comfortable space. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths to settle into the present moment.

Step 2: Place your hand on your heart and feel the sensations in your chest. Notice any emotions that arise, without judgment. Allow yourself to experience them fully.

Step 3: Practice self-compassion. Inhale deeply and affirm, “I honor and accept my unique emotions.” Exhale slowly and release any need for external validation. Repeat this mantra, embracing your emotional depth and individuality.