You Might be an Enneagram Type 6


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You might uncover your inner Type Six Wild Human if you:

  • Possess a vigilant, possibility-seeking nature. When something strikes you as awry, you instinctively note it mentally and devise plans to navigate around it, or you voice your concerns.
  • Often discover yourself taking a divergent perspective compared to those around you. You’re sometimes boldly contrarian, while other times, you ask questions, challenge assumptions, or reveal your reservations.
  • Exude profound insight, offering an innate ability to discern a person’s trustworthiness.
  • Place high value on honesty, transparent communication, responsibility, and unwavering consistency.
  • Naturally possess the art of community building, drawing together circles of friends or colleagues with deeply woven connections.
  • Initially struggle with trust when encountering new individuals. It takes time for you to establish that sense of comfort and security.
  • Don’t readily follow leaders without scrutinizing their strength and honesty. Asking numerous questions is your approach to ensure alignment with the right path.
  • Given your inquisitive nature, some may misinterpret you as pessimistic or always planning for the worst. Yet, you see it as a realistic and responsible outlook and might even add a touch of humor when acknowledging your “questioning” tendencies.
  • Radiate genuine care and compassion for others, being an exceptionally loyal and supportive friend. Your deep empathy is a cornerstone of your connection with those around you.

Here is a brief somatic practice for Type 6 – The Loyal Skeptic:

Step 1: Find a quiet and safe space to sit or stand. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. Allow yourself to let go of any anxiety or worry.

Step 2: Place your hands on your abdomen. Feel the rise and fall of your breath in this area. Focus on the sensations and the safety of your breath.

Step 3: Practice grounding. Inhale deeply, visualizing a sense of security and trust filling your body. Exhale slowly, letting go of worry and doubt. Repeat this for a few minutes, allowing yourself to feel grounded and secure.