You Might be an Enneagram Type 7


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Embrace your inner Type Seven Wild Human if you:

  • Radiate perpetual optimism, naturally spotlighting the bright side of every situation. Reframing is your forte, revealing the silver linings and how things may ultimately work to your advantage.
  • Regularly embark on the quest to infuse life and work with joy. You firmly believe in the balance of dedication to your endeavors while relishing the journey.
  • Possess an imaginative spirit, ever in pursuit of fresh and invigorating possibilities. You’re unafraid of exploring various paths and savoring the diversity of experiences.
  • Shun limitations at almost any cost, seeking autonomy and avoiding situations where others might impose constraints.
  • Comprehend the need for rule-following in certain aspects of life, embracing them when their importance is evident.
  • Dislike intense, negative emotions and adopt strategies to steer clear of them.
  • Take charge of your life: when you encounter aspects you don’t enjoy, you proactively make changes. Life’s too precious not to be relished.
  • Boast a wide array of interests. While you might not delve deep into every fascination, your ability to engage in diverse conversations with anyone is limitless. There’s an everlasting thirst for knowledge and mental stimulation.
  • Present an image of pursuing fun and adventure, but it’s all about that constant search for intellectual fascination.

Here is a brief somatic practice for Type 7 – The Enthusiastic Visionary:

Step 1: Sit or stand in a comfortable space. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center yourself in the present moment.

Step 2: Pay attention to your body, especially your shoulders and jaw. Release any tension by shaking out your limbs and letting go of any tightness.

Step 3: Practice presence. Inhale deeply, imagining you are fully present in the here and now. Exhale slowly, releasing any distractions or restlessness. Repeat this for a few minutes to connect with the present moment.