The Core Reset is a combination of in-person immersion and virtual support for leaders, teams, and special groups who want to more effectively manage their time and energy, reduce and prevent burnout and conflict, and sustain engagement and productivity.


Burnout is high, people are overloaded at work, and the result is poor performance, lowered productivity, disengagement, and wasted time and talent.

What if you could reset your nervous system, accelerate leadership performance, and transform the way you work – in a brief in-person immersion? 

Instead of long, momentum-draining interventions or sessions that deliver a recharge but no follow-through, The Core Reset hones in on key high-impact changes to regulate your nervous system, maximize leadership performance, and change the way you and your team do your work.


  • START-STATE INTAKE: We take time to understand your personal and team workflows, unique business challenges, and major pain points and opportunities
  • IN-PERSON IMMERSION: You learn, implement, and are ready to share high-leverage practices that help you recharge and reset how you work. Not only do you leave feeling re-energized, but you’ll be able to put everything to use the following Monday.
  • 90-DAYS OF SUPPORT: For 90 days, we guide you through a customized integration strategy, focused implementation tips, accountability support, and live Q&A sessions for real-time problem-solving. Implementation is light on time and heavy on practical application.
  • END-STATE GATHERING + ASSESSMENT: After 90 days, we deliver a final advisory report that identifies your team’s key transformations in energy management, personal workflows, and team processes. The report also offers strategic recommendations for continuous integration and further development that align with team and organizational goals.


  • REGULATE an overloaded nervous system. Learn, practice, and schedule daily practices to sustain your energy for maximally effective work (and life)
  • REPRIORITIZE and rebuild your workflow. Learn time-pruning and implement streamlined processes that best align with your leadership style
  • REBUILD team effectiveness, Create and implement team agreements and practices for shared ways of working, productive meetings, and better communication and support


The Core Reset accelerates tangible change in the following areas:

  • Removal of inefficiencies and built-up stress, replaced with simplified and streamlined processes
  • Improved executive stamina, and time and energy management for time-poor leaders and team
  • Streamlined systems to reduce conflict and stress so you have more energy when you go home
  • Easy-to-use, sharable reminders and mini-practices to make your new processes into steady habits and to improve workflow as a leader and on your team
  • Real-time support when you need it, to workshop your new practices and receive feedback to adjust and refine


    Teams we have worked with have seen:

    • 90% increase in motivation, self-regulation, and behavioral clarity
    • 75% increase in trust, based on methods of engagement and shared talent and subject matter expertise
    • 60% decrease in interpersonal conflict
    • 30% reduction in required meeting attendance per member, due to improved collaboration and communication

    * This data is taken from our case study series. Additional case studies available on request.