My Favorite Books on the Enneagram


When I was first introduced to the Enneagram, I read a lot.

Too much, and the wrong things in the wrong order.

It confused me and slowed down my process of really coming home to the Enneagram and understanding it.

So that you will fare better, here are my favorite books from different perspectives.

1. For the overall depth of understanding and clarity about how Wings work, I recommend the work of Riso-Hudson and The Wisdom of the Enneagram.

2. For more clarity about subtypes and how they show up so differently in different core numbers, as well as how to understand counter types, I recommend The Enneagram Guide to Waking Up by Beatrice Chestnut.

3. For beautiful storytelling and human experience without using assessments, I recommend The Journey Toward Wholeness by Suzanne Stabile.

You can find easy links to all of these, more enneagram books, and other items I love for a Wild Home here.