At These Wild Humans, we are dedicated to transforming modern business through strategic leadership development, optimized strategies, and proactive risk management. Here’s a brief overview of how we can revolutionize your organization:

Turning Leadership Potential into Power

Our team is committed to fostering a human leadership evolution, delivering swift and impactful changes that elevate performance, optimize strategy, and mitigate risk.

A First-of-Its-Kind Strategic Leadership Firm

We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to tackle critical business challenges and drive sustainable growth. Our services are structured into three key areas: Leadership Advisory, Strategy + Succession, and Rapid Risk + Crisis Management.

Our Unique Approach: The Human Quotient

Developed by our Founder, Courtney Feider, the Human Quotient (HQ) is a proprietary framework integrating emotional, social, and intellectual intelligence with AI capabilities. This approach re-humanizes the workplace while delivering measurable outcomes in leadership, strategy, and risk management.

Our Team: Experts in Human and Organizational Transformation

Our leadership team combines deep expertise in human capital, strategic planning, and organizational development. With decades of experience across various industries, our team is equipped to address the complex challenges faced by modern organizations. This makes These Wild Humans a first-of-its-kind firm that blends traditional consulting rigor with a deeply personalized approach.

Core Services

Leadership Advisory: Elevating executive performance and guiding transitions.
Strategy + Succession: Ensuring long-term organizational success and continuity.
Rapid Risk + Crisis Management: Proactive preparation and agile response strategies.

Measurable Impact

We implement real-time performance metrics and ROI tracking, ensuring tangible improvements in leadership capabilities, team dynamics, and overall business performance.

Ideal Partnerships

Our services benefit C-suite executives navigating transitions, organizations seeking alignment, leaders balancing high performance with well-being, businesses aiming to future-proof their operations, and companies committed to impactful leadership.

Engagement Process

We start with a thorough review and assessment, followed by a tailored implementation plan. Our approach includes strategic planning, leadership development, immersive experiences, on-site sessions, and embedded support as needed.

Track Record

We have successfully guided executives through critical transitions, including promotions from VP to EVP and the expansion of regional leaders to global roles. Ask for our sample case studies to learn more.

Technology Integration (AQ)

We strategically employ AI to optimize cognitive tasks, allowing leaders to focus on high-value strategic activities.

Ongoing Support

Our continuous strategic advisory services ensure sustained growth and adaptability in leadership and organizational performance. Support ranges from a 30-day complimentary follow-up to a full In-Residence engagement.

Performance Enhancement

By refining communication, decision-making processes, and operational efficiencies, we drive significant improvements in overall organizational effectiveness, enhancing revenue and bottom-line growth.

Risk Mitigation and Strategic Optimization

Our proactive risk assessment, crisis preparedness, and comprehensive succession planning ensure organizational resilience and sustainable growth.

Let’s Connect

Finding the right firm to work with involves chemistry and alchemy. If our approach resonates with you, we begin with a free one-hour consultation to understand your business and offer our insights. No risk, no obligation—just valuable data to improve your business.

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