Worthiness Check – Is Anybody Home?


Listen to this message and an accompanying somatic practice here. 

You have a wild inner voice (critic and sage) that provides a running commentary on your worth and value. That voice can be loud or soft, and it can either affirm your inherent worth or undermine your sense of self.

I’m checking in to see if your inner worthiness voice is there and if it needs a little TLC and guidance for self-worth.

I’m here for it!

It’s so easy to lose connection with your inner wisdom, that part of yourself that knows and confirms your worth. The chaos of daily life can easily drown it out. Critical messages from an overconnected global society and a huge audience of “relationships” can overwhelm it. Old stories from your childhood or painful experiences can magnify your feelings about not being enough and can push it into hiding.

If you feel your inner worthiness voice has gone a bit dormant lately, here are three simple practices to help amplify it:

  1. Start your day by looking in the mirror and stating an affirmation like “I am wild and worthy just as I am.” Repeat it until you can feel its truth. Let this be the first message your inner voice hears.
  2. Get curious about the stories playing in your mind about your worth. Ask yourself, “Is this thought really true?” Trace where they came from. Recognize they are old conditioning, not absolute truth. They deserve to be audited. 
  3. Do something nice for yourself every day – take a hot aromatherapeutic bath, buy yourself flowers, buy a new herbal tea and sip it in the sun, take a walk and enjoy the feeling of fresh air on your face, or fall in love with a new passion. My recent favorite is exploring the world of gourmet salts. Let the self-compassion and kindness sink in as proof you deserve goodness.

Worthiness lives within all of us, ready to be uncovered, and yours is there too. It has no prerequisites. You don’t have to earn it or win it. Your essence is whole and sacred. I hope for you that reflecting on worthiness becomes a daily practice. You are so worthy!

Let me know if you need any other support.


Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and bring your awareness inward. Take a few slow, deep breaths to relax into the present moment.

When you feel centered, imagine you are giving yourself a gentle embrace. Wrap your arms around your torso and feel your hands resting tenderly on your upper back. If it feels comfortable, you can actually hug yourself.

As you hold this embrace, let any feelings of unworthiness soften. This embrace is an act of unconditional love from your soul. It expects nothing. It simply envelops you in warmth and care.

Breathe slowly as you feel the power of loving yourself exactly as you are. Know that you are worthy. Your essence is whole. You are enough.

Linger in this soul hug for as long as you’d like. When you feel complete, gently release your arms and take a few more breaths. Appreciate this simple practice of self-love. Know it is always available to you.

This somatic practice of a soul embrace connects us to our inner worthiness through the power of touch and loving presence. I hope it brings you a sense of acceptance and wholeness today and every day you practice it.