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Transcript of the audio: 

The Dance of Energies

Picture yourself standing on a pristine shoreline, where the ocean meets the land. The rhythmic tides symbolize the balance of energies in your life. As waves crash against the shore, their power and grace reveal the harmonious dance between the active and passive forces.

In the depths of the ocean, there lies a serene and ancient wisdom. It’s the neutralizing force, much like the stillness beneath the waves that tempers the ocean’s intensity. These forces combine, just as your active and passive energies do, to create an exquisite equilibrium.

Guided Somatic Practice – Balancing Your Energies

Find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to relax and center yourself.

  • Begin by visualizing a bright, warm light above your head. This light represents your active energy. Imagine it flowing down through your body, infusing you with vitality and motivation.
  • Next, imagine a cool, soothing light below your feet. This light represents your passive energy. See it rising gently, calming and grounding you.
  • Now, visualize a radiant, harmonizing light at the center of your chest. This light represents the neutralizing force, balancing the active and passive energies within you.
  • As you breathe, let these three energies flow through your body. Sense the active energy igniting your desires, the passive energy anchoring you, and the neutralizing force finding equilibrium.
  • Stay with this visualization for a few minutes, feeling the harmonious interplay of these forces within you.
  • When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes, carrying this sense of balance and vitality into your day.